Do-It-Yourself Health Care Reform

Great article on what I believe can, should, and will be the future of health care in this country.  I can’t wait to join the movement!  Planned for Fall 2017 — stay tuned for details.


2 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Health Care Reform

  1. I would like to continue as your patient in you new venture.How do I make that happen. I saw you on May 26 at reliant you were telling about this and I agree with a lot of what you said. You can contact me at my email below. Thanks for taking a stand for what you believe is a better way.
    Mary Ann Matejka


    1. Hi Mary Ann, thank you so much for your patience as I have been slowly building my online presence (I’m not the most tech-savvy person… yet!). Thank you so much for your kind words and expressions of support. I would love to continue the privilege of being your doctor at my new practice. My plan is to open for pre-enrollment no later than August 1; keep an eye on this blog and on the website (currently happens to be shut down in preparation for an upgrade, but the address is for more information about pre-enrollment. Will be in touch.


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