About Thrive APC

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835 W Central St, Suite 4
Franklin, MA  02038

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Get to know us at Thrive Adult Primary Care, where…

Our mission is to educate and empower patients, and create a true medical home where the doctor and team provide care based on passion and responsibility, virtues that cannot be dictated by any third party health plan.

Our vision is a new standard of primary care where comprehensive and personalized health management is available at an affordable price.

and where we aim to deliver care that is…

Attentive.  At Thrive APC, we believe the first step to providing top quality health care lies in paying attention.

  • Attention to detail.  Attention to the big picture.
  • Attention to the past and what it can teach us.  Attention to the future and the potential it holds.
  • Attention to scientific research so that we can stay informed.  Attention to intuition, because a clinical impression often relies on that ‘gut feeling.’
  • Attention to the population.  Attention to each patient.

Keeping all of these elements in our scope of awareness takes time and commitment.  These principles are all at the heart of our philosophy, and each contributes to the level of quality to which we dedicate ourselves on behalf of our patients.

Personal.  The difference between public health and primary care is the individual patient.  We treat our patients like family and believe that excellent doctoring involves more than understanding disease — it means understanding YOU.  Our objective is to LISTEN to you without judgment, and create a plan to help you achieve better health based on what we hear, paired with sound medical knowledge.

Complete.  True “health” contains so much more than meets the eye.  The very heart of our mission at Thrive APC, the basis of our name, is to do more than merely treat and avert illness or injury — rather, to guide patients toward an experience of life lived to the fullest.  If an ailment befalls you, as a responsible medical service of course we will pull out the stops to address it.  But in addition to top-quality medical management, patients will be guided on best practices for prevention with evidence-based lifestyle counseling in areas such as smoking cessation, diet and exercise counseling, and stress management, just to name a few.  Your health and well-being are our Number One Priority for as long as your are our patient.


Membership includes:

  • Extended, detailed, personalized routine physicals visits up to 90 minutes – no more “rushed” care
  • Copay-free visits
  • Virtual visits available – video chats make it easier to be “seen” even when it is challenging to travel to the office
  • “Care where you are” – home, work, and hospital visits when needed and appropriate
  • Around-the-clock coverage from the same primary care provider you come to know and trust
  • Evidence-based lifestyle guidance with the goal of reducing the need for medications, eliminating these where possible
  • Personalized attention – advice is customized to your needs in accordance with cutting-edge research


Services and Pricing

Membership Rates

Age 18-25 $50/month
Age 26-39 $75/month
Age 40-69 $90/month
Age 70+ $110/month


Single/One-time Fees

Initial Enrollment Fee $150
Complete Annual Physical (nonmember) $150
Single Sick Visit (nonmember) $100
Lifestyle Consultation $250

We offer discounts to

  • Students
  • Military – active duty and veterans
  • First Responders


We also offer rebates for referrals and obtaining/providing your own medical records.