Do better than survive…

Coming in September 2017!

835 W Central St, Suite 4
Franklin, MA  02038

You can reach us now at:

(774) 318-4205



Mary A. Medeiros, MD, MPH practices Internal Medicine in Massachusetts where she spent several years working in the hospital before transitioning to her true calling in primary care.  She is now the President and Founder of a new Direct Primary Care practice in Franklin, Massachusetts: Thrive Adult Primary Care.  To learn more about this, click on the links below.

In this blog, she reflects on the fine line between managing disease and becoming healthy.

“This is as much a growth process for me as it is for my patients and readers.  Let’s learn together what it takes to do better than survive — to thrive.”

Click here to learn more about Direct Primary Care

Click here to learn more about Dr. Medeiros’ new practice, Thrive APC


5 thoughts on “Do better than survive…

  1. Dr. Mederiros, you are truly a very special person, anyone who’s lucky enough to have you for their doctor, is very fortunate. I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. It s so nice to have a doctor who truly cares

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  2. Dr. Medeiros, I just read your blog on ‘Water Log’. I also heard it live from you yesterday in your office. Thanks for the advice as I started to increase my water intake a little more today and a little more each day.


    1. Dave that is great! I hope it makes you feel better but we will make sure to do all testing needed to make sure you are “all clear” from more serious health concerns too. Great seeing you as always!


      1. Sorry to hear about your dear friend Pam. From what is written on your blog and on her website, sounds like she was a truly special person who touched many lives. Dealing with cancer is an unbelievably difficult situation and your friend dealt with it in the most inspiring way. In my thoughts and prayers.

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